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Web Site Fundamentals in a Nutshell

See an Example Home BedSheet

Below is BedSheet's setup page. You'll enter the information about your establishment and probably never look at this page again.



Here's the sheet where client' information is entered. A color code of red indicates the guest arrives today. Yellow means "soon" and green a completed stay. If a guest is staying for more than one day, the data will be copied to the applicable dates. At the right hand side of BedSheet are two columns where extra charges can reside. These will appear on the bill.



Here's the sheet you'll refer to frequently. Each room is listed with the dates it's booked.  The right hand margin summarizes your available rooms by date. The table will expand/contract to indicate all current bookings.



Here's the invoice. To the right of the form is a panel where you type the guest number (see left hand column of "client" page). The bill will be generated immediately and sent to your printer.


We did not include "shots" of the accounting or mail-list pages. These record your income and guest histories. The mail list contains a panel where you might type a brief message. This can be copied and pasted into an email with minimal effort.

BedSheet will come with thorough instructions. Don't worry about questions. We'll be here to answer them.

BedSheet has been "checked out" in Microsoft Windows and Macintosh environments. Remember you must have Excel or a compatible spreadsheet. We have a slightly modified version that runs fine in the (free!) OpenOffice/StarOffice platforms. If you any questions please email or call.