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BedSheet is an Excel, based guest management system for the smallish Bed and Breakfast. It offers reservation scheduling, room tracking, invoicing, accounting and even a mailing list manager (it also lets you email your clients).

Your learning curve should be no more than a few minutes. Having a problem anyhow? Call or email for free support. 

Must be pretty pricey? How about $49.95. We'll pre-configure BedSheet for the number of rooms in your establishment and email it. Rather have a disk? No problem, we can do that.

Like to see a few screen shots of this terrific package? See an Example

Have a PC or a Mac? BedSheet works fine on Excel in both. Don't have Excel? We can assist in its purchase. Don't want to spend anything for Excel? OpenOffice is a wonderful package that has virtually all of Microsoft' Office functionality. It's free. Call for more details.

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Take a look at some more screen-shots

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